Honza Lacina

Jan Lacina

I am personal trainer who is focusing on healthy movement. In today’s world of top sports and high demands on character aesthetics people forget about the main question: “Why do we move??”

My mission is to help other people move healthier and correctly. Movement is essential to life, but it is also important how we move. I will guide you through exercise with your own weight or control the techniques with kettlebell and barbell.



“Honza is a very energetic trainer who cares about the right technique and especially for continuous progress. He won't let you out for a moment and tries to make the training not only hard but also fun. His gymnastic training is obvious, the elements of which he likes to classify in his lessons. Man leaves rightly destroyed from training, but it bears fruit.”

Vladimir Turtev

"On Honza's lessons I especially appreciate the perfect organization, individual approach and feeling for detail. Both the advanced exerciser and the beginner will come to their own. Despite the simpler elements, it is possible to gradually reach more demanding acrobatic exercises. In addition to developing strength and physicality, you can also look forward to compensatory and mobility-developing exercises."

Markéta Šimková

"Honza's trainings are always precisely set to make every minute meaningful. In addition, the energy with which they are guided encourages people to put the absolute maximum into their training. As a result, you will not only enjoy the time spent exercising, but you will also see your progress. That is why lessons lled by Honza are absolutely amazing."

Václav Koubík


Functional diagnostics

During diagnostics, I always try to focus on the client as a complex mechanism, if the client tells me that something hurts him I try not to focus only on the given area, but I’m trying to find out what the pain may be related to and where the root cause of the problem might be. The body is a complex mechanism and therefore we should work with it that way, look for connections and focus on each person with an individual approach. After completing the functional diagnostics, the client will receive the result of the diagnostics and a written tailor-made rehab training plan.

Movement therapy and Prehab/Rehab

I will teach you the right exercise technique from the basics to more advanced exercises to get the most out of every training session. We will mainly focus on prehab/rehab exercises for the health of your body. It is a movement therapy focusing on injury prevention and rehabilitation itself. The “side effect” will of course be muscle building, weight loss and body shaping.

Corrective therapy and Health massages

Corrective therapy and Health massages are intended for everyone, whether it is a person who has a sedentary job or is an active athlete. Massage helps to regenerate muscles and tissues better and faster, prepares the body for higher performance, speeds up wound healing or eliminates fatigue.

Basics of Calisthenics and Acrobatics

In the training we will mainly focus on physical and fitness training, which is absolutely necessary to master acrobatic elements… We will also focus on more advanced elements and tricks in the field of acrobatics and calisthenics.

Kinesiotaping and Cupping

Kinesiotaping is a physiotherapeutic method that, by means of self-adhesive tapes, supports healing processes, corrects poor posture, corrects orthopedic defects, prevents injuries, or strengthens an already stressed or injured area. Cupping helps the musculoskeletal pain and acts on deeper muscle structures.

Group lessons

Group lesson for 3 or more people. Are you a group of active athletes or proud IT fighters? For each group I am trying for an individual approach, training tailored exactly. For more information about the price, please contact me.

What is the best thing to do for your body?

Functional diagnostics (find out your strengths and weaknesses, what we should work on and what to improve)

—> Personal training (there is nothing better than having an individual approach so that I can focus on you for 100%)

—> Health massages (regular attendance at a massage can help you with pain and, among other things, it can also help with mental relaxation)

—> Regular sleep and a healthy diet (this part is purely up to you, but it is an integral part of the training itself)

Price list

Trainings do not include entrance fee to the gym, which is 120 crowns or you can use a multisport card.

We can arrange private lessons in our fitness center Arena Pavly Kladivove at Wenceslas Square.

1st training + diagnostics of movement patterns

The 1st training is more less “trial training” for me and for the exerciser. I try to get to know the client both physically and personally. After trying a few basic exercises which focus on the basic movement patterns that every healthy individual should be able to handle without any problems.

500 CZK

Functional diagnostics

Functional diagnostics is an indispensable part of a properly set up training plan for a client. It will show us the strengths, but also the weaknesses of the client and thanks to it we will be able to focus on exactly what your body really needs to become healthier, stronger and most importantly functional. Diagnostics takes about 90 minutes. At the end of the diagnostics, the client receives the result of the functional diagnostics and then receives the compiled training plan.

900 CZK

1x personal training

Personal training allows me to focus 100% on one exerciser and thanks to that I can pay my full attention to it. We focus on the absolutely precise execution of each exercise. During the training, I even apply the psychological side more and I try to get to know each person as deeply as possible and at the same time be the right movement therapist for him. I finish the training with manual techniques from massage and rehabilitation according to the client’s needs.

600 CZK

10x personal training

Personal training allows me to focus 100% on one exerciser and thanks to that I can pay my full attention to it. The 10x personal training package is often more motivating for exercisers to go to train regularly and thus manage to set an order that is absolutely indispensable in training.

5500 CZK

1x training for two

Personal training allows me to focus 100% on one exerciser and thanks to that I can pay my full attention to it. If the exerciser is a team player, but at the same time requires an individual approach, then “Training for two” is exactly what he is looking for!

900 CZK

Group lesson with 3 or more people

Under the term group lesson, one imagines 30 exercisers sweating side by side on a guided lesson, where the trainer must fly like a bee pollinating flowers. I will lead you astray, the maximum number of people with me in a group lesson is 8, so that I can work with each person individually and receive maximum care. I also offer, among other things, group health exercise lessons for companies that would like to offer their employees this great benefit for improving their health and physical condition.

By agreement

Massages and Manual techniques

If you suffer from back or whole body pain problems, as ¾ in today’s population, do not hesitate to arrive for an hour of manual therapy. We will focus on the area that we might call “Achilles’ heel” for you and try to deal with the problem. Come to relax and give your body a well-deserved rest. Note – If you are interested, I am able to act as a mobile masseur and therefore you can enjoy a massage from the comfort of your home, for more information contact me below.

800 CZK

Kinesiotaping and Cupping

If you suffer from back or whole body pain, as ¾ in today’s population, do not hesitate to come to a special therapy. One of the other methods that I like to use is cupping and Kinesiotaping as a complementary therapy to the massages themselves.

The price is settled by agreement depending on the number of consumed material (for kinesiotaping) and the length of therapy.

By agreemeent



Naturally, MansterWheel dominates smaller and large spaces.

MansterWheel is an essential element of the entire MansterVille interactive installation. Originally created for the Nowhere festival in 2015.

Acrobats and performers have performed countless shows with this colossus. For example, in 2017, VIP guest events at Cannafest or a performance for Philip Moris company. We took part in a big project called 100 years of the region Vysocina, where we did five performances in five different cities during the celebrations of 100 years of the republic.


Fireshow & Lightshow perfomance

A group of professional performers dedicated to fireshow and lightshow performance. Blackout paradox has worked on a number of projects in various industries, participated in the making of a video clips, actively performed at various festivals, corporate events, exhibitions etc. For example, they performed for Marlboro company, for which they have presented several performances in a row.In 2019 they performed together with Aliatrix at the Prague playoffs at the O2 Arena.
I currently perform with the professional group Pyroterra both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


ASAP Stunts

The stunt group ASAP Stunts was founded in 2017 and during their activities they participated not only in Czech films but also in foreign ones.

Since I have experience in both acrobatics and combat, I could use my skills in front of a film camera. The experience of the film environment has taught me how to work under time pressure and how to deal with the diverse challenges associated with stunt work. In the past, I have participated in Italian (Dolce Roma), Turkish (Turkish Ice Cream) or American (Haunted 2) & (Shadowplay) projects. Of course, I also worked on Czech projects such as Blbej den and the film Havel.


VFC Production

With my good friend, we decided to make our first short student film about 4 years ago.
At that time, we had almost no idea how hard it was to make a film. We got all the inspiration on the internet and a few months passed and our first movie CROWFACE was in the world.
We are currently engaged in video production at a professional level. We had the opportunity to work with various professional art groups, performers and big companies.
Thanks to the creative thinking and energy we put into each project, we are able to create original videos.

Our company focuses primarily on the creation of visual effects and 2D / 3D animation, therefore VFC PRODUCTION – VISUAL EFFECTS AND CINEMATIC STYLE











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