Freelance Actor, Stuntman & Showman


Jan started working in the Performing and Film industry in Prague in 2018.

He was lucky to be able to participate in commercials and movies of Czech and Foreign productions.

He is known for his acting and stunt experience in films and series such as Barbarians (Netflix series), The defeated (Netflix movie), Haunted (Netflix series) and more.

During this period Jan also gained experience in professional show environment in the field of acrobatics, new circus, fireshow and lightshow.

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Portfolio Photos

Acrobatics performance

Professional acrobatics performance involving floor acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, partner acrobatic and more. 

MansterWheel was created for the Nowhere festival in 2015.

Acrobats and performers have performed countless shows with this colossus. For example VIP guest events at Cannafest or a performance for Philip Moris company and other performances around the Europe in Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, Spain and more.

Fireshow & Lightshow perfomance

Fireshow and lightshow has become a part of Jan’s life since the beginning of his artistic career. He combines both his knowledge of acrobatics and movement in general.

In 2019, He performed at the fenomenal Prague playoffs event in the O2 arena. Later he performed in Saudi Arabia, Libiya, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and other countries all around the Europe.

From January 2019 Jan started cooperating with professional fireshow and ligtshow Pyroterra and he had taken part in several domestic and international projects with them.

Stunt Actor & Stunt Performer

Since I have experience in both acrobatics and combat sports, I was able to apply my skills in front of a film camera. The experience of the film environment taught me how to work under time pressure and how to deal with the diverse challenges associated with stuntman´s work. In the past, I have participated in Italian (Dolce Roma), Turkish (Turkish Ice Cream) or American (Haunted 2) & (Shadowplay) projects, and recently in the British series Extinction.

You could see me in the Czech production in the projects Blbej den and in the film Havel.

The last project in 2021 that I was able to participate in is the second season of the Netflix series Barbarians (German production Gaumont)

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