I'm Freelance Actor, Stuntman & Showman


I create my own projects with adrenaline in my veins and with an organizational spirit, and at the same time I am lucky to be able to participate in commercials and movies of Czech and foreign productions.

I feel completely free in front of and behind the camera, but it still warms my heart when I can do a live show in front of the audience.

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Project MansterWheel dominates smaller and large spaces.

MansterWheel is an essential element of the entire MansterVille interactive installation. Originally created for the Nowhere festival in 2015.

Acrobats and performers have performed countless shows with this colossus. For example, in 2017, VIP guest events at Cannafest or a performance for Philip Moris company. We took part in a big project called 100 years of the region Vysocina, where we did five performances in five different cities during the celebrations of 100 years of the Czech Republic.

Fireshow & Lightshow perfomance

Fireshow and lightshow has become a part of my life since the beginning of my artistic career. For me, working on the Prague art scene means that I am able to entertain people around me and at the same time show them something they may not have seen in their lives. I combine both my knowledge of acrobatics and movement in general.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to perform together with the Aliatrix group at the Prague playoffs in the O2 arena. Later I performed in Saudi Arabia, Austria, Germany, etc.


Since I have experience in both acrobatics and combat sports, I was able to apply my skills in front of a film camera. The experience of the film environment taught me how to work under time pressure and how to deal with the diverse challenges associated with stuntman´s work. In the past, I have participated in Italian (Dolce Roma), Turkish (Turkish Ice Cream) or American (Haunted 2) & (Shadowplay) projects, and recently in the British series Extinction.

You could see me in the Czech production in the projects Blbej den and in the film Havel.

The last project in 2021 that I was able to participate in is the second season of the Netflix series Barbarians (German production Gaumont)

Lacax Media

Clapperboard, Camera, ACTION!

Do you need to shoot an action clip or presentation video?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

With adrenaline in my veins and an organizational spirit, I create my own projects and at the same time I am lucky enough to participate in commercials and films of Czech and foreign productions.